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Welcome To The GeoFS Community Wiki!
Welcome to the GeoFS Community Wiki!

We're a fan-created wiki with the purpose to inform users on GeoFS, a free online flight simulator with global imagery, as well as providing information on aircraft and content within the simulator. This wiki is constantly updated by the GeoFS community, and we greatly appreciate any edit and contribution you will make to one of our many pages or discuss with other players in our discussion.

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About GeoFS


GeoFS is a free online multiplayer flight simulator that operates in a similar manner to downloadable flight simulators. There are two available variants of aircraft - official aircraft developed by Xavier, and community contributed aircraft developed by volunteer developers. The simulator offers free 10-metre imaging, and more detailed HD imaging can be purchased for 10 Euros (as the creator is based in the Netherlands).

About The Wiki

This Wiki has been a popular hub for bringing together and uniting roleplay groups, with dozens of virtual air forces and airlines (including one with over 800 members) and a strong, active community. The Wiki has over 1,111 pages and all contributions are appreciated.

Getting Started

You can get started with contributing to this wiki by clicking the link below, following the rules, and checking out our policy.

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Notable Roleplay Groups

Largest Virtual Airline: Linee Aeree Calabre

Largest Virtual Air Force: United States Air Force

Largest Virtual Government: United States of America

For a list of the civilian groups and military groups, check out Civilian Groups & Military Groups.

Disclaimer: This wiki, including all of it's pages, is community created and maintained. It is not endorsed or influenced by the developer of the GeoFS simulator.

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Airline of the Month

Pacific Airlines

Pacific Airlines (ICAO: PAC, IATA: PC) is an international airline based in Vancouver International Airport. Headquartered in Vancouver, the airline serves 58 destinations with a fleet of 123 aircraft. The airline was founded by Pacific Airlines CEO, and the airline has 5 Subsidiaries.

Airport of the Month

Auckland International Airport

Auckland International Airport (ICAO: NZAA, IATA: AKL) is an international airport serving the city of Auckland in New Zealand. The largest, busiest, and most important airport in the island country, NZAA has 6 passenger airlines serving 28 destinations and 2 cargo airlines serving 6 destinations.

Air Force of the Month

Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the air force of the United Kingdom. The oldest force by date of formation, the RAF has over 20 members and mostly protects the United Kingdom, though it also owns Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Iceland. Led by Marshal of the Royal Air Force Kelvin Kearney as CDS, and Air Chief Marshal Tgel1te as Chief of Air Staff, the RAF is divided into 2 combat wings and several smaller wings. The RAF is a member of GeoFS Military Roleplay.

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